They’re not just pets. They’re family.


And you want to give your companions everything they need to run, jump, eat, sleep and play…then do it all again the next day!


You get that your pet’s nutrition matters. That it’s not just about how much exercise they get or how much love you give them (and that’s a lot!). It’s also about their diet.


We get it. In fact, we went out there and did our homework on what’s great (and what’s not so great) in the world of pet nutrition, so responsible pet parents like you wouldn’t have to. That’s how Zoeez® was born.


Our formulas use top-notch ingredients to provide essential nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins, so your pets can keep doing the things they love to do and you can quit worrying about their nutrition. Dogs, cats, and senior pets can benefit from our pet wellness formulas created with pet families in mind.


Because when they depend on you, you can depend on us.