My dog loves it!

My dog loves the taste and smell of Zoeez® Chicken Liver Multi Bites! And the fact that this treat is loaded with nutrients makes choosing this product a no-brainer for me from now on. We also like the Zoeez® Peak Performance™ Healthy Joint Care. The capsules are a good size and giving them to my dog is easier than I thought!

–  Colin & Casper

Thank you for your terrific product

I have been using Ortha Pet™ Dental Wellness for a few months now and Reddy's teeth look great. Dental cleanings for senior cats can be difficult, but Ortha Pet™ Dental Wellness has made it very easy. I simply sprinkle some of it on her food and she loves the taste! It’s great to know she has many years ahead, and thanks to your product, Reddy will always have strong, healthy teeth.

Shortyrin  –  Erin & Reddy

Her tummy felt better and she was eating normally again!

Our one year old Boxer Kali is prone to travel sickness. This last trip home from the coast was difficult for her. She wouldn’t eat her food unless we sat right next to her, and she was also having digestive complications. We administered the recommended dosage of Zoeez® Pro-Digest™ Probiotic Support, and the next day her tummy felt better and she was eating normally again!

Chartness  –  Christa & Kali

It's Purrrfect

My senior kitty, Howie, loves the taste of Purrfect Hairball™ and Pet Protect™ tablets.  At first I was worried he wouldn’t eat the Pet Protect™ tablets, but he actually loves them!  I like how happy and spunky they make him feel.  Thanks Zoeez®!

–  Leah & Howie